Blended Tea Powder

Black Darjeeling CTC Tea

As the reckoned manufacturer and supplier in the concerned field, we offer an ample assortment of Black Darjeeling CTC Tea.


Tea Premix

Masala Tea Premix

We are reputed manufacturer and supplier of Masala tea premix. In the making process of this premix we use a different type of Herbs and Spices.

Elaichi Tea Premix

We are engaged in producing and supplying Elaichi Tea Premix. It is prepared by superior quality of material and ingredients.

Ginger Tea Premix

We are involved in manufacturing and supplying a delicious range of Ginger Tea Premix. In order to process this tea, we use superior quality leaves.

Lemon Tea Premix

There are various benefits of lemon tea, and all these are centered around cleansing the human body systems. The lemon tea acts as a purifying agent and helps resolve a lot of health problems that may arise

Coffee Premix

It is product made by coffee abstracts, milk powder, sugar. It is mainly used in vending machines and electric kettles. The aroma and taste of this coffee premix is incredible.

Green Tea

Grinar Green Tea With Jasmine

Jasmine flowers are picked in misty twilight when they are the most fragrant and blended with Green Tea Leaves.

Girnar Green Tea With Cardamom

“The Queen of Spices”-Cardamom, combined with pure Green Tea-“The King Of Beverages”.

Girnar Green Tea With Lemon & Honey

The gentle charm of Honey and piquant flavor of Lemon is a heavenly matrimony. Enjoy the symphony while it pampers your soul.

Girnar Green Tea With Detox

There are age old ways of having tea that tastes good as well as helps heal some of the persistent modern day maladies.

Girnar Green Tea With Tulsi

A harmonious blend of Tulsi referred as “The Queen of Herbs” and Green Tea provides a sensational taste and blast of freshness in a cup.

Girnar Green Tea With Ginger

Ginger, a home remedy accepted around the world is combined with the goodness of Green Tea to offer the Tea connoisseur a cup full of health.