Mouth Fresheners

Shimla Mukhwas

To make this type of mukhvas we are using Grated Coconut, Saunf, Jintan, Kissmiss, Sweet Amla pieces, Cashew pieces etc.

Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam) Mukhwas

For the production process of Gulkand Mukhvas, we mix ingredients like Rose Petal Jam, Dried Dates,Supari Pieces etc. taste.

Salty Mukhwas

An excellent quality range of Salty Mouth Freshener, our clients can avail from us. This range of product is known for its best quality and durability.

Saffron (Kesar) Mukhwas

Kesar Mukhvas / Mouth Freshener is very unique Mouth Freshener with natural flavor of Kesar(Saffron).

Paan Mukhwas

We are reputed producer & supplier of Paan Mukhvas / Herbal Mouth Freshener.

Green Mukhwass

This ever popular mouth freshener is found in almost every Indian restaurant.

Punjabi Mukhwas

Mouth freshener which is made by the ingredients like small sugar cubes, saunf ,mint, scented peppermints etc.

Chulbuli Imli

We are glad to introduce our newly Mouth Refreshing item Chulbuli Imli. It has a very delicious Khatta Meetha taste which is loved by everyone.

Anardana Goli

Anardana Goli is an irresistible flavorsome digestive tablet. It is mde by mixing right amount of organic herb and spices.

Adrak pachak

We are having a very delicious & natural Mouth Freshener named Adrak Pachak. Ginger, a medicinal herb is also a type of natural Mouth Freshener.Pachak

Paan Laddoo

We are known as the leading manufacturer of delicious Paan Laddoo/Mouth Freshener. It is manufactured under the expert supervision to get best quality output.

Sweet Amla

The traditional mouthfreshener or a herbal substant which can taken after meal. Very natural and fully contained with vitamin C and also helpful in digestion system as well because of the herbs which are mixed with it.

Pudina Vati

Pudina Vati is a digestive tablet with a unique taste of Mint and other refreshing ingredients. It has unique medicinal feature which help in improving digestion system.We offer it in a different packaging as per customer's need.